short : Todays callers Bulletin for ABBS1.x/2.x author : Marius Hov Lauritzen uploader : Marius Hov Lauritzen type : comm/bbs version : 1.0 requires : ABBS 1.x or 2.x architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.34K Date : 10-Jan-19 Download : 💾
MHL-TodaysCallers v1.0 ********************** Greetings everyone! It`s been a probably 20 years since I last wrote something for the ABBS-system! Introduction: ------------- This scripts generates a list of todays callers on the ABBS Bulletin Board System (any version will do afaik) and displays them to the user. It also has the ability to generate an outputfile you may use as a bulletin or display anywhere you like. The script does not rely on node logfiles because they grow huge after av while, and since this is written in ARexx, parsing several megabytes may slow down the system during login/logout. There are some experimental code with parsing the nodefiles I started on. Please feel free to improve as you like! When the script is launched, it deletes logins prior to todays date automatically, so the log never grows :) (as this might be a problem in 2019.=)))) Freeware: --------- This is of course freeware! Spread it as you like, do whatever you want with it! :) But please give some credits to the original author =) Installation: ------------- The script depends on the ABBS:-assign, so keep it assigned to the ABBS root directory. Copy these files: MHL-Todayscallers.abbs -> ABBS:Sys/ todayscallers.log -> ABBS:Sys/ mhl-todayscallers-header.ansi -> ABBS:Text/ mhl-todayscallers-footer.ansi -> ABBS:Text/ Edit Abbs:Sys/Loginscript.abbs and insert this line where you like: -----[ CUT ]---- Call "ABBS:Sys/MHL-Todayscallers.abbs" -----[ CUT ]---- Configuration: -------------- You can edit the header and footer of the bulletin with the two files in ABBS:text/. Output bulletin file path can be changed with the "Output"-variable in the CONFIG-section in the script itself (MHL-Todayscallers.abbs). Support: -------- You can email me or visit my BBS: SandnesBBS: port 24 Changelog: ---------- v1.0 (9.January 2019) First release. Thanks to Espen Skog, Sysop at Silverhawk BBS ( for the idea.
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