short : February '94 postings to the AmigaE List. uploader : nkraft bkhouse cts com type : dev/e architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 254.58K Date : 6-Mar-94 Download : 💾
This file contains an archive of the postings to the AmigaE mailing list during the month of February, 1994. The file is an LHA archive of a plain ascii file in which each successive posting to the list has been appended in date order. An interesting feature of this file is that it is in a format compatible with Elm mailreaders. Thus, if you use AmigaElm to read your mail, you can c)hange mailboxes to this file and AmigaElm will sort out the messages and let you read them as any other mail. If you have questions or problems with this file, please contact me at To join the AmigaE discussion list, send a request to: consisting of any subject and the message SUBSCRIBE [your email address] AmigaE and you will be placed on the list. Norman Kraft, Moderator of the AmigaE mailing list.
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